РЕМІНЬ багатоклиновий 3260 - 3HB  3HB126 [Bando]

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Belt 3B-126 Super Combo. Type: wrapped banded belt 3HB cross-section. References: #176442, #644965, #1145329, #2124287. Suitable for harvest combines Claas Lexion, Deutz Fahr Topliner. Aftermarket spare part.

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Wrapped banded belt (3B-126) - 644965.0 suitable for Claas [Bando Super Combo]

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3 belts of the classic profile HB combined with a thin rubber-fabric plate into a single multi-ribbed belt through a common vulcanization.


Super Combo performance.
Multi-wedge belts with raw edges for use in agriculture by the famous Japanese corporation Bando (the quality is as close as possible to the original).


Weight , W kg 2.646
Total width , T mm 49.5
Inside length , Li mm 3198
Datum length , Lw mm 3234
Outside length , La mm 3260
Top width , Tw mm 16.5
Top hight , Th mm 15
Number of ribs , N 3
Profile type 3HB
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