About us

agrodoctor.eu, based in European Union with the headquarters in Poland, specializes in providing spare parts for agricultural machinery. This easy-to-use platform was launched by using client insight for a seamless customer experience. In here, we have combined multiple years of our professional experience as well as practical knowledge to support you every step of the way. All of our products are of a high quality, our prices are affordable, and our staff is ready to help by answering any questions you might have. Let us take care of the well being of your machinery.


Wide range

We offer the best solutions available on the European market. A wide range of product allows you to order necessary parts at one place. Here you can find the products ranging from common parts for transmission such as bearingsv-belts or chains and up to original parts for repair and maintenance of specific agricultural machines. The product catalog contains more than 7000 products of reliable manufacturers.


The majority of our products is used for maintenance and repair of combines. You can find interchangeable, as well as original parts that are used on CLAAS, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, New Holland and other combines. Additionally, we offer spare parts for Geringhoff, CLAAS, John Deere and others corn heads. You can also find spare parts for the square and round balers of CLAAS, Welger, Sipma production and of other manufacturers. Last but not least product group is components for diesel engines used in agricultural machinery, mainly on tractors and combines. We offer products for Perkins, DEUTZ, John Deere and other engines.

Clear search

agrodoctor.eu is a convenient tool in your daily search of spare parts. There is an option of a quick search by original or aftermarket numbers on our store page. You can also pick a specific model of machinery and select the items that fit it best. Additionally, there is an option that enables you to filter parts by a machinery unit or a product category. And most importantly, you can combine different search filters in order to get the best results. Most of the products are described in detail (OEM and cross-reference numbers, application, technical parameters, photos and schemes). To be sure you can always go to our sitemap to reach directly one of existing products directory or information article.



For instance, you are looking for the specific chain sprocket which is mounted on the header of your CLAAS Dominator 96 combine and you do not have the number of this item. This is what you can do: select the model of machinery (combine - CLAAS - Dominator 96); choose a machine unit (header);  specify the product category (sprocket). This way you will see only the sprockets that could be used in the CLAAS Dominator 96 header. Thus, there is a good chance to find required spare part.

Worldwide delivery

agrodoctor.eu is an online shop of agricultural spare parts that delivers worldwide. We try to offer our customers the best resolutions available to make delivery more intelligent. Generally, we offer parcel delivery services and international couriers air and road delivery (standard and express). For big orders or other specific cases we could offer Individual delivery method which suits our client needs. Innovations in logistics enable us to be closer to your needs in any part of the world. In return, you receive an access to our professional experience and best products from Europe.


Nowadays online store is a convenient way of ordering needed products with delivery to your home, office or workshop. agrodoctor.eu delivers goods to EU countries, as well as other parts of the world such as Eastern and Southern Europe, North Africa, South America, The Middle East and other. We can offer you the best solutions and excellent service due to cooperation with logistic experts. You have always an option to choose the most suitable for you means of delivery. Distance does not matter, only reliability and service.