ЛАНЦЮГ Ланка П-ПРД 31.75 (210A) (2050) [SKF]

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210A (2050) Simplex roller chain offset link for agricultural machinery. Aftermarket spare parts. Pitch 31.75 mm.

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Roller chain offset link - chain 210A (2050) [SKF]


The link serves for connection of driving roller chain pieces which consists of even quantity of links.


Depending on the type, the transition link consists of one, two or three pairs of curved plates. On the opposite side, they are installed on a common roller (finger) of the required length, pressed into one of the extreme plates. The opposite side of the finger is equipped with a lock in the form of a cotter pin, which, after connecting the parts of the chain, fixes them.


Weight , W kg 0.02
Width , Wb mm 24
Pitch , p mm 31.75
Finger diameter , dp mm 5.08
Height , H mm 15
Distance between Inner Plates , b1 mm 9.65
Roller diameter , d1 mm 10.16
The parameters may differ from the actual ones.

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Sales unit 1 piece
Quantity in the package 1 piece