Variable speed belt 667530 Claas [Continental Agridur (reinforced)]

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Belt 244.043FX Agridur (reinforced). Type: variable speed belt HL cross-section. Suitable for Claas Lexion (400, 500 series) combine harvesters. References: #667530.0, #1463300, #1001163. Aftermarket spare parts.

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Variable speed belt 667530 suitable for Claas [Continental Agridur (reinforced)]

Designation of manufacturer:



Rubber-fabric product in the form of an endless V-belt of a wide profile HL, consisting of a rubber base reinforced with a fabric cord. The inner surface for improving cooling and flexibility is predominantly dentate.


AGRIDUR (reinforced) performance.
They differ from ordinary ones by the presence of kevlar cord and the presence in the marking of the latin letter "F".
High-quality brand belts designed to meet the specific requirements of the agricultural sector of the economy.
German product - German quality!


Weight , W kg 2.44
Inside length , Li mm 2315
Datum length , Lw mm 2398
Outside length , La mm 2440
Top width , Tw mm 44
Top hight , Th mm 27
Outside length , La inch 96
Inside length , Li inch 91.1
Datum length , Lw inch 94.4
Profile type HL
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