Combine harvester JOHN DEERE MD 18 S - MD 40 S

Combine harvester JOHN DEERE MD 18 S -  JOHN DEERE  MD 40 S

With the lauching of a big Lanz MD 260S combine in the production, a combine harvester Lanz MD 18S was presented in 1956.

It was supplied with 1m82 cm reaping-machine and Mercedes-Benz fuel-diesel engine of 34 horsepower capacity. The reaping machine was height-regulated with the help of hydraulic servo.The following model Lanz MD 25S had a reaping machine with 230 cm of width and was equipped with Perkins engine of 50 horsepower capacity. The threshing drum had 50 cm diametr.

The collection of large-dimension combines was enriched by the Lanz MD 35 S and MD 40 S combines, that had replaced the MD 260 S model. These combines were equipped with 4-cylinder Perkins engine (62 horsepower) or 6-cylinder Mercedes-Benz (68 horsepower).

The general characteristics of these combines were transmission with 2 gears; threshing drum with 6-grade speed regulation; engines were placed on the side of the driver’s platform; larger number of lubrication spots. In the end of the 1950s the combine paint was changed from yellow to green colour.

Model Lanz MD 18 S Lanz MD 25 S Lanz MD 35 S
Years 1956-1963 1956-1960 1958-1963
Engine manufacturer Mercedes-Benz Perkins Perkins
Engine type OM636 P4 L4
Displacement, cm3 1767 3146 4425
Number of cylinders 4 4 4
Power, hp DIN 34 50 62
Number of Gears 2 2 2
Speed min-max. km/h     1,6 - 14,9 1,6 - 15 1,8 - 15,5
Cutting width, m 1,82 2,3 2,6
Alternative сutting, m - - -