Combine harvester CLAAS MERCUR

Combine harvester CLAAS MERCUR

The launch of this series combines was aimed at meeting widespread needs of small and average farms. “Personal combine to every farmer!” – was a motto of “Claas” company. In 1958 Europa combine was presented (it had 80 cm threshing drum), a in a year – Columbus combine.

The horizontal grasp of reaping-machine in Columbus combine was 180 and 210 cm, slightly larger in Europa combine – 240 cm. The combines were equipped with Perkins engines: Columbus – 34 hp, Europa – 45 hp.

The Europa combine had somewhat longer base in relation to Columbus combine, but they were identical in other parameters and design. These combine models had high-level design and were very popular at that time. The reaping-machine is height-regulated by hydraulic servo. The threshing drum was provided with the grain by the conveyor.

The engine at these combines was installed on the right side from the driver’s seat. The combines of this “Claas” series were serial machines and they were manufactured in the following amount: Columbus models – 33000 items, and Europa models – 32000 items.


Model Columbus Europa Mercur
Years of production 1958-1970 1958-1968 1962-1968
Engine manufacturer Perkins Perkins Perkins
Engine type 4,99 D 270 D 270
Displacement, cm3 1760 4420 4420
Engine cylinders 4 4 4
Power, hp DIN 34 45 52
Transmission gears 3 3 3
Speed min-max., km/h  1,4-16 1,3-16 1,4-17
Cutting width, m 180 240 260/300
Alternative cutting width, m 210 210 -