Combine harveters NEW HOLLAND

Combine harvesters NEW HOLLAND

The CNH concern is one of the world leaders of agricultural machinery producers with such brands as New Holland and Case IH. The CNH is the manufacturer of a wide range of agricultural machinery: tractors, harvest combines, balers, mowers, combines for vintage etc. The concern owns the developed dealer network in 160 countries of the world.

Currently CNH represents association of such agricultural brands as Ford, Fiat Trattori, Claeys, New Holland and Case Corporation. The rich history of concern dates back in 1895. In the small town New Holland, Pennsylvania, USA, Eyb Cimmerman organized a small workshop of the agricultural equipment repairment. Later on the company was named after the town.

In 1903 the workshop expanded and transformed to the New Holland Machine Company. The companies of Alexander Brad, Henry Ford, Leon Kleys, Giovanni Agnelli (Fiat), which were united subsequently in concern, were created and carring out their activity in different regions of the USA at the same time. Here are some data on their activity:

  • - In 1895 Alexander Brad presented the first stationary threshers in the Western France.
  • - In the 1900th years Henry Ford adjusted work of the automobile plants in Detroit.
  • - In 1909 the mechanic, Leon Kleys, opened engineering plant in Belgium.
  • - In 1960 the enterprise of Kleys becomes one of the most large-scale harvest combines producers  in Europe.
  • - In 1918 the Fiat company in Turin (Italy) made the first tractor – Fiat, Model 702. Senator Giovanni Agnelli became the founder of the company.
  • - In 1947 Cimmerman's company replaced a name with Sperry New Holland. Sperry New Holland shows interest in association with Claeys.
  • - In 1964  New Holland redeems the most part of the Claeys stocks and a merge of the companies occurs.
  • - In 1974 there is a technological break for New Holland - the company first-ever begins the production of combines with a double rotor.
  • - In 1986 on New Holland expected one more merge. This time the initiator of it was Ford and the Ford New Holland Inc company was created. Officially merge was issued in 1994. The Fiat group, which absorbed A.Brad's enterprise the day before, gradually buys up the Ford New Holland stocks. Process of integration comes to the end with New Holland entry into the market as a new trademark.

As a result of the association of New Holland and Case Corporation under the auspices of Fiat the company becomes structural division of CNH and gets access to enormous resources in 1999. After that the concern was created in that conditions in which it exists nowadays.

Today CNH concern is a global manufacturer of agricultural machinery. The output is organized at plants in the USA, Germany, Brazil, Japan and Italy. CNH is the innovative, technological and dynamic company which serves as the reliable partner for the world agricultural industry.