Sipma balers

Sipma balers

The SIPMA enterprise (Poland) has the enviable and rich biography. During the activity it was constantly extending by expansion and integration with close on a geographical location and similar production program enterprises of the region. Conditionally the history of integration can be divided into four periods:

I PERIOD: 1835 – until World War I (the divided Poland)
1874 - "Machine Factory and Iron Foundry" plant was established in Lublin by Mieczysław Saryusz Wolski  from Saxony
1890 - Vacłav Moritz on the basis of David Byrd's plant opened a modern enterprise Wacław Moritz Plant of Threshers and Cast Iron Foundry.

II PERIOD: between the First and the Second World Wars (independent bourgeois Poland)
Mieczyslaw Volski transformed his pre-war enterprise in to "Agricultural Machinery and Equipment M. Wolski & Co."  The production of the enterprise has made big success among the small polish farmers. There even was a network of the branches one of which was located in our favorite Lviv. The considerable share of production was on sale to the Soviet Russia.

II PERIOD: After the Second world war  – till 1990 (socialist Poland)
After the communists took the power all the industry was taken away and nationalized. Lublin’s agricultural enterprises were united into one piece. Naturally, no new qualitative production wasn’t produced by nationalized unit. That is why in 1974 the German baller “FAHR HD-350” licence was bought which gain the Z-223 name. This machinery is manufactured by the enterprise still nowadays. It is slightly modernized and very popular Z-224 model today.

IV Period: Modern history (Poland from Solidarity till the membership of EU)
In 1989 the joint venture created with Italians, holding the name SC ”SIPMA” since 1st January 1990, has started it development. Almost every day the range of production is growing with several new models. In 1996 SC ”SIPMA” bought the rights over ”BIZON” Ltd (the manufacture of combines). In 2008 the  SIPMA RU Ltd (Russia) was established.

Today SIPMA (Poland) is innovative entreprise using advantages of EU partnership and Eastern Europe markets.