Baler WELGER RP202, RP245, RP245 Profi

Balers WELGER RP 202, RP 245, RP 245 Profi

Lely Welger RP 202

This is an ideal machine for medium sized operations. It is characterised by its simple operation and low horse power requirements, but feature many similarities to the  Lely Welger RP 245.
This is the ideal machine for all those who do not want to chop their crops. This model is available with either a 1.50 m wide pick-up (‘Classic’ model) or a 2 m wide pick-up (‘Special’ model). 
The Lely Welger RP 202 non chopper baler feeds the crop straight into the bale chamber ensuring a well formed high density bale. This range offers excellent possibilities to farmers or contractors who have no need for chopping but wish to make high-density bales. The option of fitting the machine with a wide pick-up ensures it is also suitable for the wide swaths of combine-harvesters. 
WELGER RP 202 Classic RP 202 Special
Roll chamber diameter (m) 1,25 1,25
Roll chamber width (m) 1,23 1,23
Roll chamber volume (m) 1,5 1,5
Tying material sisal twine running length (m/kg) 200 or 330 200 or 330
Tying material plastic twine running length (m/kg) 400-700 400-700
Tying material net running length (m) 2,000 or 3,000 2,000 or 3,000
Tying material width (m) 1.23 or 1.30 1.23 or 1.30
Tying material consumption/bales/twine (m) 47-120 47-120
Tying material consumption/bales/net approx. (m) 10 10
Pick-up width (m) 1,5 2
Pick-up rake width (m) 1,15 1,6
Pick-up tine spacing (mm) 64 64
Dimensions L x W x H (m) 4.30x2.30x2.42 4.30x2.34x2.42
Required tractor power (kW/Hp) 33/45 36/50
PTO shaft (rpm) 540 540
Permitted maximum speed unbraked (km/h) 25 25
Permitted maximum speed with compressed air brake (km/h) 40 40
Lely Welger RP 245
The Lely Welger RP 245 series constitutes the next step in our world renowned range of fixed chamber balers. This range has always led the field in terms of durability, bale density chopping quality and output. Thanks to the vast experience gained bailing silage worldwide the RP 245 range offers a large number of possibilities ensuring the best performing baler can be selected for any conceivable situation. 
Lely Welger RP 245 Profi 
With heavy duty greasable bearings as well as the Xtracut25 chopping unit, the Lely Welger RP 245 Profi is the premium baler model for silage. The Profi rotor has an excellent grip on all crop types and is renowned worldwide for its outstanding output. The highly transparent E-link control and Hydroflexcontrol ensure maximum efficiency of both man and machine. 
This new and comprehensive range of 1.25 m diameter fixed chamber balers offers a number of options from a standard chopper baler up to the Lely Welger Profi model for large scale silage operations and contractor use. There is a choice of three chopping units from 13 to 25 knives and the machine can be fitted with twine tying or net tying. The RP 245 Profi model is the baler with the highest specification in today’s market place.
WELGER RP 245 RP 245 Profi
Bale chamber diameter (m) 1,25 1,25
Bale chamber width (m) 1,23 1,23
Bale chamber volume (m) up to approx. 1.50 up to approx. 1.50
Tying material net/running length (m) 2,000 or 3,000 2,000 or 3,000
Pick-up width (m) 2.25/2.00 2.25/2.00
Spacing between the outer tines (m) 1.86/1.60 1.86/1.60
Tine spacing (mm) 64 64
Dimensions Length x Width x Height (m) 4.98 x 2.32 (max. 2.70) x max. 2.76 4.98 x 2.32 (max. 2.70) x max. 2.76
Required tractor power (kW/PS) 50/68 50/68
PTO shaft (rpm) 540 540
Permitted maximum speed unbraked (km/h) 25 25
Permitted maximum speed braked (km/h) 40 40