Baler WELGER RP415, RP445, RP535

Baler WELGER  RP415, RP445, RP535

Welger RP 415

New generation variable non chopper round balers  with a very basic configuration. With bale diameters from 0.90 - 1.60 m these balers meet the high demands of today’s users on bale density and capacity.

Round balers with variable chambers are used under varying circumstances and therefore the demands that are made on these machines also differ widely.
The Lely Welger RP 415 range features perfect specifications for use in silage hay and straw when there is no need to chop the crop. The feed rotor and wide pick-up have been designed for easy processing of wide swaths while the proven CPS ensures optimum bale density. 
Welger RP 445
The most advanced variable round baler in the market place with bale diameters varying from 0.90 ‑ 1.60 m and the best tensioning system, crop intake and chopping systems. These balers ensure high throughput and a constant density throughout the whole bale. Configure these balers from very basic to the Master model which offers maximum comfort and flexibility. 
Variable means: flexible. And that characterizes this wide range of round balers. Whether operating in hay, straw or wet silage, the Lely Welger RP 445 model offers you the best performance. There is a lot of flexibility in the wide range of possibilities that this machine has to offer. Bale density, bale diameter, tying material and even cutting length can be controlled from the baler handset in the tractor cab if necessary. 
Welger RP 535
This series of balers will let you make round bales from 0.90 m  to 2 m – the largest in the world. The Constant Pressure System ensures consistent density and the different intake systems are renowned for their large capacity.
Lely offers Europe's largest variable chamber round baler. To meet the trend for ever-increasing power and efficiency for crop harvesting we have developed a round baler of a unique quality for producing even larger bales. The available models offer a wide range of possibilities to meet the demands of all farmers and contractors. 
WELGER RP 415 RP 445 RP 535
Bale chamber 4 endless belts 4 endless belts 4 endless belts
Bale chamber diameter (m) 0,90 – 1,60 0,90 – 1,60 1,10 – 2,00
Bale chamber width (m) 1,23 1,23 1,23
Bale chamber volume (m) 2,5 2,5 4
Transport length (m) 4,98 4,98 5,23
Transport width (m) 2,4 2,4 2,4
Transport height (m) 2,75 2,75 3,17
Pick-up width (m) 2,25 2,25 2,25
Pick-up rake width (m) 1,86 1,86 1,86
Pick-up tine bars 5 5 4
Pick-up tine spacing (mm) 64 64 64
Pick-up type camless camless camless
Crop press roller S S S
PTO speed (rpm) 540 540 540
Power requirements (kW/PS) 52/70 60/80 97/130
Hydraulic requirements 2 x SA 2 x SA (1 x DA) 2 x SA (1 x DA)