Engine PERKINS 1306 E87TA

Diesel Engine PERKINS 1306 E87TA

The PERKINS 1306.E87TA is a diesel engine manufactured by Perkins Engine Company Limited. The distination 1306 E87TA indicated six cylinders and 1300 series of engine.

In July 1990 Navastar and VarityPerkins joined forces in an agreement bringing together the best of North American and European diesel technologies, operational and marketing skills. Comprising a true family of 7.6 and 8.7 litre turbocharged and turbo aftercooled variants, the 1300 Series is a range of 4 stroke, liquid cooled, in-line 6 cylinder engines spanning 145.5 to 246 kW.

The 1300 Series engines produce very low levels of NOx, HC, CO as well as particulate matter and will comfortably satisfy Stage 1 European and North American emissions legislation for off –highway machines.

Technical features

Type code  
Number of cylinders 6 in-line vertical
Bore 109 mm
Stroke 135,9 mm
Cubic capacity 7 dm3
Combustion system Direct injection
Compression ratio 16:01:00
Rotation Counter clockwise viewed from the front
Size 1210 x 696 x 920 mm - (635 kg)
Power 206 kW/280HP at 2300 r/min