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  • Harvester JOHN DEERE C670
    Combines with mixed system of threshing and separation

    Combine harvester JOHN DEERE C670 The С670 combine harvester replaced the 9780 model of CTS series in 2007. The new combine had a mixed system of threshing and separation, which consisted of threshing drum and two digital rotary separators. The C670 combine provides equal grain stream with possible changes of its directions. Because of a large cylinder...

  • 300 series diesel engines Mercedes-Benz
    General information, short description, historic facts of 300 series engines Mercedes-Benz: OM 314, OM 352, OM 360, OM 362, OM 366 A.

    300 series diesel engines Mercedes-Benz 1. Engines Mercedes OM 314 The diesel engine manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, four-stroke, volume - 3780 cubic centimeters, that corresponds to 345 cubic inches. It is one of 300 series engines, issued shortly after the Second World War. Specifically OM314 was released in 1964, along with 6-cylinder analogue OM 352...

  • 400 series of Mercedes-Benz diesel engines
    General information, short description, history facts of 400 series of deisel engines Mercedes-Benz: OM 401, OM 421, OM 421А, OM 422, OM 441А, OM 443.

    400 series of deisel engines Mercedes-Benz Radically new series of engines for heavy trucks and tractors appeared on the market in 1970. The emergence of 400 series engines was caused by the need to implement the decision of the German Federal Ministry of Transport of 1968, according to which since 1972 new vehicles were required to have engine capacity...

  • 900 series of diesel engines Mercedes-Benz
    General information, short description, historic facts of 900 series of diesel engines Mercedes-Benz: OM 906 LA, OM 926 LA.  

    900 series of diesel engines Mercedes-Benz In 1996, there were radical technological changes in the family of heavy engines Mercedes-Benz. 900 Series debut came in the spring and was characterized by the emergence of new innovative elements: electronic management system, direct injection of fuel through separate pumps for each cylinder. 900 series set...

  • Baler SIPMA Z224/1 (PK4000) KOSTKA The SIPMA cube balers of series Z223/Z224 “KOSTKA” are issued almost without changes since 1974 when the manufacture license on them was issued. The prototype of it became the german baler FAHR HD-350. The factory had  produced more than 100 000 such machines due to its simplicity and reliability. Technical...

  • Baler WELGER RP415, RP445, RP535
    Round balers with variable chamber

    Baler WELGER RP415, RP445, RP535 Welger RP 415 New generation variable non chopper round balers  with a very basic configuration. With bale diameters from 0.90 - 1.60 m these balers meet the high demands of today’s users on bale density and capacity. Round balers with variable chambers are used under varying circumstances and therefore the demands...

  • Baler WELGER DA235, DA235 Profi, RPC445...
    Baler WELGER DA235, DA235 Profi, RPC445 Tornado

    Baler WELGER DA235, DA235 Profi, RPC445 Tornado Welger DA 235 Even the basic version of the Lely Welger combination unit displays the superb characteristics of a highly reliable harvesting machine. The rigidly constructed chassis with its 10 “Power grip” longitudinal rib rollers, the mechanical tailgate locking device, the quick and easy to load net...

  • Balers WELGER AP 530-830
    High density balers WELGER AP 530-830

    Baler WELGER AP 530-830 Our experiences, gained in over one hundred years of business and knowledge of the most modern production technologies, are used for every single one of our balers. Tried and tested technology, stable constructions and professional processing lead to machines which cannot be beaten in terms of reliability and value for money....

  • Baler WELGER D4006, D4060, D6006, D6060 Lely Welger large balers are made for the highest agricultural demands. They achieve aboveaverage performances via a very high stroke rate. This saves on power and reduces the diesel consumption. Shafts instead of chains form the basis for optimum drive, and the easy operation using the E-Link system guarantees a...

  • Balers WELGER RP 202, RP 245, RP 245 Profi
    Round balers with fixed chamber

    Baler WELGER RP202, RP245, RP245 Profi Lely Welger RP 202 This is an ideal machine for medium sized operations. It is characterised by its simple operation and low horse power requirements, but feature many similarities to the  Lely Welger RP 245.   This is the ideal machine for all those who do not want to chop their crops. This model is available...

  • CATERPILLAR engines
    History of company development

    CATERPILLAR engines CATERPILLAR (add name CAT) –trancenational USA corp., Peori city, Illinois state, is the manufacturer, saler and service provider of heavy mashinery(tractors, excavators, hoppers, road mashinery and ...) energetical systems, engines and spare parts for them. The company shares have been successfully represented in NYSE (listing CAT)...

  • CLAAS balers
    General information about the company and development of balers

    CLAAS balers In search of mechanics which would cope with a uvyazochny binding devices of bad quality, characteristic the then, brothers Claas in 1921 developed own Knot-weaving  device (a so-called knoter). The patent taken out on it became the moment of the birth of the first self-produced agricultural machines of firm CLAAS, the apparatus for binding...

Showing 1 - 12 of 179 items (total pages: 15)