Combine harvester CLAAS AVERO 160, 240

Combine harvester CLAAS AVERO 160, CLAAS AVERO  240

New AVERO from CLAAS is an ideal machine for small and average farms that use only their own resources during cleaning. The combine is equipped with high-powered threshing system APS, which works so effectively that the separation of the residual grain is performed by a small number of straw rakes in the Avero. Thanks to APS 90% of grain is separarted from the straw. For the rest 10% it is enough to have 4 straw rakes with 4 levels.

The Avero has the same productivity as analogical combine with 5 straw rakes without APS, at the same time saving compact sizes with 4 straw rakes. It is an obvoius advantage from the economical point of view. When the threshing machine, straw rake and separator finish their work, grain-tank is filled up with selected grain. Having a bunker of 5600 l, Avero combine actually demonstrates its capacity.

The Avero allocates shortly cut straw across the entire width of the field. The width of spreading is easily regulated. A chaff-cutter CLAAS is additionally equipped with anti-cutting plate. All the components are individually regulated and adapted to the straw state. The solid 6,6 l engine of Caterpillar has a huge power resource. It gives such energy to the Avero that makes combine able to perform its work efficiently and for a long time even under severe harvesting conditions

Model Avero 240 Avero 160
Years 2009- 2011-
Engine Caterpillar Caterpillar
Engine type C6.6 C6.6
Displacement, cm3 6598 6599
Cylinders 6 TI 6R
Power hp DIN 198 158
Fuel tank, L 400 400/320
Gears 3 3
Transmission hydraulic hydraulic
Speed min-max. km/h          0-25 0-25
Cutting width, m 4,3 4,3
Alternative, m 3,7 - 6,6 3,7 - 6,0