Gates industrial V-belts Delta

Gates industrial V-belts Delta

Gates Company - is a world-known manufacturer and supplier of belts for different applications, constantly developing premium products in accordance with the challenges of the modern world. Today, because of rising of costs on energy and equipment maintenance, industry understands the need of tools usage, to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs as reducing losses in transmission capacity will provide significant cost savings.

In order to satisfy needs of the customer, Gates company expanded its market offer with a series of industrial belts of the optimal balance of price and performance. Gates Delta industrial V-belts - is economically advantageous offer for standard drives used in various industries. Gates Delta belts are divided into two groups - Delta Classic and Delta Narrow, differing only in size and profile.

Delta Classic V-belts are designed for continuous operation on all standard industrial drives of classic profile. Marking: green color characterizes the type of belt (Classic), and yellow - the size. Possible areas of application - compressors, pumps, generators, grinding machines and so on.

Delta Narrow - V-belts of narrow profile are ideal for use in all standard industrial drives, where power transmission belt. Marking: orange color characterizes the type of belt (Narrow), and yellow - the size.

Features of Gates DELTA belts:

  • belts are manufactured of high quality rubber compounds;
  • elastic polyester cord fabric resistant to bumps and bends;
  • protection from exposure to chemicals and abrasive wear (rubbing) is provided through the use of special material Flex-Weave belt in the outer layer;
  • belts temperature range of from -30 ° C to + 70 ° C;
  • compliance with all international standards.

Considering all the features of Gates DELTA belts it is clear that Gates Company is becoming closer to the customer by offering high quality products at a reasonable prices.