Diesel engines Deutz

Deutz diesel engines

Deutz AG is a German manufacturer of diesel engines. The company was founded in 1865 in Kolone.  In 1964 the company's logo is the letter "M" It means the word MAGIRUS against cathedral of Ulm city (Ulmer Münster).

A condensed history of Deutz AG in dates:

1864 Eugen Langen and Nicolaus August Otto founded the first world's factory to engines manufacture named "N. A. Otto & Cie "
1872 Company change in name to Gasmotoren-Fabrik. The company has invited Mr. Gotleb as a technical director and Wilhelm Maybach as a chief designer of Daimler engines.

1882 Gotleb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach left the company together to establish their own production.
1892-1970 is the period of production of locomotives
1897 Start of production of diesel engines under license from MAN
1909 talented italian engineer - designer Ettore Bugattі became a race car with DEUTZ engine of 1.3 liters, which was produced by single series.

The First World War - DEUTZ manufactures artillery 5-tonn truck and tractor.
1926 appearance of the tractor with the DEUTZ engine .
1930 Motorenfabrik DEUTZ AG attached: Humboldt AG (processing of bulk materials) and Motorenfabrik Oberursel AG (avia engines). The emergence of a common name - Humboldt-DEUTZ AG

1936 Humboldt-DEUTZ AG has acquired another factory - CD Magirus AG (truck production). Established a joint production of trucks, buses and fire autos branded MAGIRUS-DEUTZ (until 1974).
1938 according to the terms of Klöckner-Werke AG merged Isselburger Hütte (steel production and sale) . There was a well-known brand - Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG (KHD)
The Second World War - the production of armored vehicles (APC), trucks, fire engines ("Raupenschlepper Ost")

KHD 1962 bought a major stake of tractors and agricultural machinery FAHR AG. As a result of the appearance in the sale of tractors DEUTZ-FAHR, which are sold in the U.S. market under the brand DEUTZ-ALLIS.
1995 units KHD-Agrartechnikbereich GmbH (agricultural machinery) and DEUTZ-Fahr Erntesysteme GmbH (cleaning system) sold Italian group SAME.
1997 returns to the first name - DEUTZ AG.

2008 DEUTZ AG has a staff of 5,500 employees, 1,200 of which abroad. 22 subsidiaries were under the group control . The company is represented in 130 countries. An annual turnover is of 1.3 billion EUR.
2010 MWM GmbH (Motorenwerke Mannheim-engine plant from Mangheym) was buy from Deutz AG to concern CATERPILLAR
Thus DEUTZ after PERKINS (from 1998) is a part of the giant engines manufacturer - CATERPILLAR.