Combine harvester MASSEY FERGUSON MF 7244 – 7246 Activa

Combine harvester MASSEY FERGUSON MF 7244, MASSEY FERGUSON MF  7246 Activa

Massey Ferguson Activa harvesters series - S - these are modern innovative technologies for ensuring profitable and flexible process of harvesting The cutting platforms in Massey Ferguson Activa combines are developed so that to optimize collecting a wide range of grain crops.

All Activa combines have possibility of use of header Auto Level system. This system traces an earth surface contour with an accuracy of 8%. Independent adjustment of frontal and back parts of a concave is carried out by means of the hand levers located in a cabin.

The last generation Iveco engines  provide power for performance of operations. These engines are equipped with an electronic control system that allows to provide constant effective power for harvesting in any conditions.

Transmission of Activa is the three-speed hydraulic knot supporting the correct speed and provides necessary draft for work in any conditions.


Model MF 7244 Activa  MF 7245 Activa  MF 7246 Activa
Years 2004- 2004- 2004-
Engine Iveco Iveco Iveco
Engine type NEF NEF NEF
Displacement, сm3 5861 5861 5861
Cylinders 6T 6T 6T
Power hp 220 ISO 255 ISO 255 ISO
Fuel tank, L 450 450 450
Transmission hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic
Gears 3 3 3
Speed min-max. km/h 0-25 0-25 0-26,5
Cutting width, m 4,8 5,4 6,0
Alternative, m 4,2 - 6,0 4,8 - 6,0 4,8 - 6,6